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Golf Performance Coach

golf performance coach
  • Learn to play GOLF rather than GOLF SWING
  • Develop a clear understanding of YOUR strengths and weaknesses
  • Adopt on course strategies that play to YOUR strengths.
  • Practice effectively to develop SKILLS
  • Learn the importance of the SCORING ZONE
  • Understand the easiest ways for YOU to save shots

Play Your Best Golf

play best golf
Technical Skills
Physical condition
Performance skills

Each of these components contribute to your best golf. The percentage that applies to each component is down to individual personal opinion. However, it is clear that you will not be able to maximise your ability and play your best golf without developing your Performance Skills.

Driving Range v Golf Course

driving range golf course
One of the most common bits of feedback received is “I hit it great on the range but struggle to transfer this to the course”. When we compare the two environments, is this a surprise? Frequency of shots, variation of lie, use of different clubs and consequences of a poor shot are all very different between range and course. By developing effective “game like” practice ideas, I can help players not only develop their skills but also their ability to transfer these skills to the course.

The Mechanical Trap

mechanical trap
In Markus Westerberg’s excellent book “The Golfer’s Sixth Sense” he uses the phrase the Mechanical Trap to describe the situation where a player is so tied up in swing mechanics that it’s detrimental to their game.

Does this sound familiar ?
As a Performance Coach, I help players to maximise their ability and shoot lower scores by learning how to play GOLF rather than GOLF SWING. .
“Liam analysed my scores and helped me develop an on course strategy that played to my strengths. I’d been struggling with some swing changes and missing fairways on a regular basis. We placed a premium on finding fairways and making good decisions on club selection. This clearer approach has reduced the number of swing thoughts I have and freed up me up - Liam knew there was a good golfer in there and that golfer is now appearing more regularly! Very relaxed sessions with Liam and his ideas were perfect for my game. I can’t wait for the season to start ! "
Anthony, handicap 14  

“When I first worked with Liam, I was focused on my golf swing and how it looked. He has helped me to understand what is required to play the game and score well whatever swing I have brought to the course that day. The pre and post shot processes have been key areas of learning for me. I now feel more relaxed when I address the ball and less inclined to be tied up in knots thinking about my swing. I’d highly recommend Liam’s approach to the game. "
Ondrej, handicap 12

"“I emailed Liam following a recent session to feedback that it was best practice session I’d ever had and to thank him for his patience and wisdom. When we had an 18 hole on course session, Liam opened my eyes to a different way to approach the game and how best to work my way around the course and save shots along the way.” 
Ray, handicap 16  

"“Liam has an infectious enthusiasm for learning and improvement. His approach and style is well suited to helping players at all levels and I’d recommend that you spend time with him to explore how he can help your game.”
Marina, Handicap 8

"“Thanks for the guidance Liam, I played last night and took on board what you said about putting, keeping in mind “is it possible I can hole this putt” before each putt. Of course, it’s always possible and knowing its possible put me in the right frame of mind to putt positively. It’s the best I’ve putted in 6 months! It’s really put me on the right foot and improved my confidence greatly.”
Paul, handicap 5

"“Taking up a game as difficult as golf can be a challenge however Liam put me at ease straightaway with his relaxed approach. After a couple of sessions we were out on the Par 3 course hitting shots and enjoying ourselves. I quickly learned to shrug my shoulders after any poor shots (which were inevitable), move on and focus on the next shot. I found it much more enjoyable than I thought I would and much of this is down to Liam’s style of coaching and relaxed manner. I will be coming back for more !”
Elizabeth, new to the game

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